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UNU-FLORES webinar: The importance of social justice and sustainability for textile engineers

"Machines and academic theories do not have heart and emotions to truly understand human lives. But the people behind these machines and theories, like young textile engineers, have this ability. They have the potential to change the human lives behind the machines.”

Bablur Rahman from Fair Wear Foundation, during our panel discussion when asked how to motivate young textile engineers to engage with social sustainability.

For more precious content, please feel free to watch the recording of UNU- FLORES` webinar “The importance of social justice and sustainability for textile engineers” which was held on May 3rd, 2023:

Thanks again to our four panelists who gave great insights into the complexity and gravity of the social side of the RMG/textile sector:

Tawhida Shiropa, Founder and CEO of Moner Bondhu

Mashook Chowdhury, Sustainability Manager, DBL Group

Dr. MASUD RANA, Sustainability Manager, BRANDS Fashion GmbH

Bablur Rahman, Country Manager Bangladesh, Fair Wear Foundation

We are already looking forward to our next webinar on the widely discussed and fuelled topic of climate justice in the textile industry. We will soon announce dates and registration.

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