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I have15 years of experience in the field of sustainability in fashion, having transitioned from roles rooted in compliance and auditing. I have grappled with my own challenges, recognizing the limitations of the traditional sustainability narrative. I also witnessed the pitfalls of engaging in what I refer to as "stewardship superiority" during my years of advising textile factories and fashion brands and retailers around the world. Through my personal journey, I have come to understand the importance of social justice and environmental justice, embarking on a journey of questioning power structures and understanding post-growth within the context of sustainability. I now work as a freelancer, dedicated to diverse projects focused on social justice issues in the textile sector while still contributing to decarbonization, circularity, and materiality efforts for carefully selected clients. I intend to distance myself from the corporate sustainability world and look for community, alternative solutions and existing knowledge, because the solutions are already there.

To receive an idea in which pie I had my fingers over the last 15 years, please download my attached CV. 

My other devotion is yoga. Check out the yoga section for more content on that. 

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+49 1525 3094934

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