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Let`s Co-Create Together

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Hello, I’m Lavinia!

I come from a tiny town in Germany from a family who has always been discussing world issues at the dinner table and done things a little different. That was an important part of my education. And that is also the reason how I ended up doing what I am doing, I think: bringing together the small local things and the big global things and never stop asking questions. I worked as a sustainability consultant for many years, and lately advocating for Germany`s pioneer brand in ethical fashion. I call myself a sustainability provocateur, rather than an expert, because how can I call myself an expert in a field where the biggest challenge is still the huge knowing-doing gap? So in short, this is me. This is what I do: setting little fires everywhere I go...

Sustainaility & Ethics

What I Do


I believe context is everything!

I like to impart data & information around environmental & social justice in an engaging, motivational, emotional, entertaining and/or loud way. I try to incorporate clarity, passion and knowledge to deliver complex, smart and ambitious messages into wide-ranging ethical manifestos by storytelling and lived experiences. 

Consulting by Co-Creation

I offer diverse consulting services around sustainability & ethics. I do that by co-creation because what we need is transformative action and not sole information dropping. I help-out with 

project follow-up & feedback, certifications & standards, value chain mapping, hot spot analyses, impact strategy, a.o. for diverse industries & sectors. I like to co-create with NGOs, companies with a sense for degrowth & intersectionality, producers and sustainability professionals who have unresolved questions.  

Education & Mentoring

I offer one-to-one or group sustainability & ethics education & mentoring to explore and tackle problems and provide insights for systems thinking and interdependence, social justice and fair distribution, environmental stewardship, respect for limits and post-growth-economics. I do that for sustainability professionals who have unresolved questions, but also for everybody who is interested in changing dynamics. 

The Crisps is your snackable briefing on anti-greenwashing and honest fashion communication. Including short and savory analysis as well as current and coming legislation easily explained.

Stay in Touch


Legal Disclosure

Lavinia Muth

Lützowstraße 9

50674 Cologne



+49 1525 3094934


All photos of me by Anna-Maria Langer (, Copyrighted

All other imagery by Wix Media, 2023

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