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Over the last days, many opinions have been shared on the proposal for the EU Green Claims Directive published yesterday. Harsh criticism on the proposal itself is justified, but the big question for companies remains:

How does #sustainability#communication work now? It's clear that all of you out there need to do more than just talk about it. Aaaaand, we are here to help:

In our #newsletter The Crisps, Tanita Hecking and me are going to give you an overview of the ins and outs of talking and writing about tricky sustainability topics in fashion. Each issue focuses on one topic and gives you a crisp analysis as well as practical tips, and debunks the most common myths companies still (wrongfully) use in their communication.

And because we know how difficult it is to do it holistically, find reliable sources and back up those #greenclaims, we’re sharing leading experts and findings whenever possible. So, you don’t have to do all of the digging yourself.

The first issue is going to be published next Thursday, 30th March.

Subscribe for free here (even cooler if you do it with a paid subscription to value our work 😉):

We are happy to support you critically.

Lavinia & Tanita

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