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💥 Round II: 4 Weeks-Online-Course “From Passive to Active Sustainability” 💥

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Calling out to forward-thinking #sustainability people in the #fashion sector! Break free from the monotony of reporting and compliance with my revamped 4-week online course designed to shake things a bit up. I re-designed the content and approach and added a fifth module after having learnt from round I and being in the process of (un)learning from the current polarized and populist discourse in the social and environmental #justice movements.

📚 Embark on a 4-week transformative journey where we challenge norms and embrace a more dynamic and activist approach to fashion sustainability/ESG/CSR. Brace yourself for a surge of motivation and rebellion against the status quo!

🌐 Online: Accessible globally! Tailored for fashion sustainability professionals and enthusiasts from and/or socialized in the Global North (staying in my lane).

🗓️ Course Duration: 4 weeks - New Dates: 01.02.24 / 08.02.24 / 15.02.24 / 22.02.24 / 29.02.24

🕔 Session Time: Thursdays, 11.00 am EST / 1.00 pm ART / 5.00 pm CET / 09.30 pm IST

🌟 Limited to 12 individuals who are ready to co-learn, collaborate, and embrace discomfort in this intimate, experimental course.

Course Highlights:

✅ Engaging live sessions that stimulate our minds and hearts

✅ Interactive (un)learning experience challenging sustainability beliefs

✅ Access to session recordings for those unable to attend live

✅ Curated reading lists and resources to fuel the movement

✅ Investment: 675,00 EUR (VAT may apply) for individuals / 1.300,00 EUR (VAT may apply) for companies

Registrations close 15th January 2024.

📝 Questions? Reach out at

🔗 Feel free to share the attached PDF and spread the word.

Thanks! 😍


Concept P-A Sus II 2024
Download PDF • 19.52MB

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