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Reflections from participants "From Passive to Active Sustainability" 2023 course

A few weeks back, I embarked on an experiment by launching a 4-week online program for those in the #fashion#sustainability sector, titled "From Passive to Active Sustainability". The intent was to collaboratively delve into and comprehend the imperative of adopting a #radical stance in a fashion industry that's overwhelmingly commercial. My aim was to foster engagement, encourage questioning, and prompt a profound re-evaluation of fashion in the context of history, societal justice, ecology, community, and the extended repercussions of the industry. It's common knowledge that fashion results in pollution, injustice, and waste. Many #critics argue the fashion model is #flawed; however, some believe it functions just as designed. Reflecting on our course's journey, it became evident that both the structure and morals of industrial fashion necessitate ongoing, dynamic critique – a critique most effective when applied creatively at the inception of production. This method was a departure from the conventional technical routes we've encountered and continue to face in our professional and private lives.

I can and will not evaluate how far my offering has been a success, but I feel that we have achieved to focus on collectivity, participation, and collaboration as a method not only for sharing knowledge, but of making together (below are some reflections from participants).

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to the 12 courageous attendees for being a part of this experiment. I must admit, I'm already starting to miss our sessions together. I hope I can facilitate this course again apart from January/February 2024. Life is bumpy 👹💜💥.

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