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#NWASUST Podcast Episode 11: Colonial Sustainability

I recently had the incredible opportunity to join Dr. Nicole Helmerich on her thought-provoking podcast #NWASUST focused on the intersection of work and sustainability. Instead of pretending to be the conscious authority, I believe I need to stay in my lane. When I was asked to talk about decolonizing sustainability, I offered to open the discourse for folks like me (socialized in and/or from the Global North) to talk about #colonialsustainability. Cause this is what we do. Let's recognize that the sustainability practices we've adopted are deeply entrenched in oppressive systems. Hope you also feel it.

Join the podcast episode on “Colonial Sustainability” to find out, how to rethink your sustainability and human rights approach in your supply chain:

  • what colonial sustainability means and why we need to rethink our sustainability policies for the supply chains

  • what are right relationships between buyers, suppliers and workers and why a risk approach has its limits

  • how you can co-create sustainability and a great product in your supply chain with all relevant actors

We discuss:

  • short history of the sustainable developments in the textile supply chain

  • what colonial sustainability in supply chains means for you as a sustainability leader

  • promising solutions to improve your sustainability approach and decolonize it

Nicole`s podcast website:

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