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erlich stories - stay true to nature

Let's recognise the interconnectedness of our global community and stand up for understanding, empathy and change, not only cosmetic repairs. And, cut that greenwashing bullshit. This is what I try to explain in a few words in Part 2 of erlich textil "erlich stories - stay true to nature".

At the beginning of the year, the Cologne-based underwear and cosy clothing label created #erlichstories, a platform to introduce people and their stories who inspire them. A few weeks ago they knocked on my door and asked me if I would talk about #sustainability. And, I'm not normally available for something like this (stuck between strong opinions, provocation, imposter syndrome and a lack of a loving community), but the great teams at erlich textil and VeyVey Films caught me, without any aggressive product placement, censorship or prescribed script. Very honest and pretty raw.

The whole 8-minute short film can be seen here (German, with English subs):

More about the campaign and erlich textil:

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