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COMMUNITY WORKSHOP (19.01.2023): How to Avoid Greenwashing —Now and in Future

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The Berlin Fashion Summit organized by studiomm04 brought together the international community for two days at Messe Berlin, next to the Premium and Seek trade shows in January 2023. The theme, Active Alliance for Positive Fashion was realized through one day of traditional conference programming, followed by a ‘Community Day.’ The conference day wove together two primary fields of industry transformation: regenerative culture and regenerative business.

The second day was dedicated to bringing the community together for more in-depth, interactive sessions, with emphasis on networking and forging new relationships and collaborations. I was honoured to conduct a Community Class on Greenwashing with BMUV. You may find the Community Class presentation and a guideline on how to avoid Greenwashing herewith for download. #spreadtheword #antigreenwashing

FORMATTED BMUV_202030-Community-Class_230119
Download PDF • 2.66MB

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